I love hearing from people, but I suffer from email overload. You can help me and, in the process, get a more timely response by checking these alternatives to emailing me.

Trying to make an appointment to see me?

Please contact my administrator w.hsissen@ic.ac.uk who maintains my diary.

Applying for a PhD?

Please complete an application at http://www.ic.ac.uk/registry, marking me as your potential supervisor and the area as "Circuits and Systems". We can only begin to talk about scholarships, etc., once my group has accepted your application on academic merit.

Looking for a PostDoc?

If I have vacancies, I make sure they go on jobs.ac.uk. If you have seen a vacancy there and are enquiring about it, I will get back to you shortly.

Want a Summer internship?

A necessary (but not sufficient) condition for an internship with me over the Summer is that you are a current Imperial College student, that you are on track for a first class degree, and that you apply before February. Please make sure you email me your latest CV, and arrange with Mrs Hsissen to make an appointment to see me. There may be other internship opportunities in my group but reporting to other academic staff. Dr Bouganis, Prof Cheung and Dr Thomas all work in a similar area to me.

Any other urgent issue?

If you have an urgent issue that cannot wait, please call my group administrator, Mrs Wiesia Hsissen on +44 20 7594 6261, who may be able to help you.

None of the above?

Please email me at g.constantinides@ic.ac.uk and I will reply to you as soon as I can. Or, for old time's sake, I can be reached by post via the EEE department at Imperial College.