Christos Papavassiliou

Room 915
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Imperial College
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ, England

Phone: +44 207 594 6325
FAX: +44 207 581 4419


I am a senior lecturer, and the senior tutor in the EEE department.
A member of the Circuits and systems group, I work on radio frequency integrated circuit engineering. (CV)


Low phase noise MEMS oscillators
Slow wave filters on laminar substrates
Biomedical Instrumentation
Crosstalk effects, packaging and substrate coupling in mixed mode IC design
Analogue and RF Integrated Circuit design and testing

current students
past students
sponsored projects (EPSRC and European)


2nd year EEE: Analogue Electronics (until 2009-2010) (link)
3rd year EEE & MSc: Instrumentation (link)

4th Year Radio Frequency Electronics (link)
4th year EEE & MSc: Current Mode circuit design (link)
MSc course in Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit Design (link)