E2.2 Analogue Electronic 2009-2010


Lecture notes


L1: Introduction and Revision

L2: Miller Theorem and BJT CE Amplifiers

L3: Feedback Amplifiers

L4: Common Base, Common Collector

L5: Two Ports

L6: Cascaded amplifiers

L7: Active filters

A1: Bode Plots


Problem Sheets


PS1 Answers

PS2 Answers

PS3 Answers

PS4 Answers

PS5 Answers

PS6 Answers

PS7 Answers


The final examination will consist of:

       8-10 Short questions worth a total of 40 marks

       a choice of 2 out of 3 longer questions each worth 30 marks.


The short questions will cover what was taught in class.

The longer questions can contain new examples.