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"Honestly officer, battery-powered milk floats can't do 75 miles per hour.... even downhill."






Lectures are on Tuesdays at 2pm and Wednesdays at 11am in 403a

Lecture notes

Course Overview (PDF)

1. Transducers and Instruments (PDF). Summary of units and prefixes (PDF)

2. Noise (PDF)
    For a revision in electronics you can check my 2nd year Analogue page (here) Or look at set of relevant slides (here)  



1. Transducers and Sensors (PDF)




Some useful places for instrumentation related information:

The Agilent Application Notes web site. Agilent also kindly provide APPCAD , an RF circuits design aid.

Ansoft kindly provides limited (but quite useful) versions of some of their RF CAD software here .

A variety of  high frequency design and test issues are discussed in the RFglobalnet forum


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