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Lectures are on Wednesdays at 9am and Fridays at 11am in room 403a

Lecture notes


Course Overview (PDF)


1. Bipolar Current Mirrors (B. Gilbert, from [1], ch 6) (PDF)

2. Switched Currents (Notes by Prof Chris Toumazou) (PDF)

3. Current Conveyors (PDF)

4. Current feedback op-amps (PDF)

5. Miscellaneous current mode circuits

6. Adjoint networks (PDF)

7. Translinear Circuits (PDF)

8. Log Domain filters ( Two important papers by Dr E. Drakakis: PDF1, PDF2) NEW ! slides on LOG DOMAIN (PDF)


         On Mirrors and switched currents (PDF)


[1] Toumazou, C., Lidgey, F.J. and Haigh, D. G.,(Eds), “Analogue IC Design: the current-mode approach”, IEE, Peter Peregrinus, London, April 1990. ISBN 0 86341 297 1 (main course reference)


Further Reading

B. Gilbert, 2 articles from IEEE J of Solid state circuits, Dec 1968, pp353-373 (PDF) How the current mode started being an autonomous topic

B.Gilbert, “Current Mode, Voltage Mode or Free Mode” Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, (2002 pp83-101) (PDF)

Analog Devices: Application notes on Current feedback op-amps (OA-07, OA-13, OA-15, OA-20, OA-30)

Texas Instruments: On Current Feedback op-amps (PDF)

Some current feedback op-amp data sheets (Elantec EL5166, Analog Devices AD8000, National LMH6723)


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