Computer Architecture

This course is for 2nd year EIE and Computing students, and serves as an introduction to CPU design and implementation. The content and syllabus is the same for both groups, but due to unfortunate scheduling the two groups are taught in different terms.

EIE Students

Look at the module description for more details. The course notes are available through blackboard.

Computing Students

All the course notes should be available in CATE.

High Performance Computing for Engineers

This course is currently only for 4th year EEE and EIE, and ADIC MSCs, with the idea being to introduce students to just enough theory and practise to be able to use modern multi-core and GPU systems well. The course is 50% coursework, during which students accelerate a number of computational problems, with most people getting 4x-8x speed-up using multi-core CPUs, and between 10x and 100x using GPUs. The module description gives an overview of the syllabus, or you can look at the 2012-2013 lecture notes.


I rather enjoy final year projects, so feel free to contact me about self-proposed projects, or if you are interested in doing a project related to my research.