Nachiket Kapre

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (September 2010)
Junior Research Fellow, Imperial College London (2010-2013)

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News and Information

6/8/2012: I'm starting as an Assistant Professor at NTU, Singapore in October 2012.
2/7/2012: My 2012 cohort of semi-supervised, co-supervised PhD and UROP students digesting a summer kickoff lunch at 58.
29/3/2012: My 2012 cohort of PhD and MEng/BEng students enjoying a warm sunny spring day.
7/3/2012: CCPC 2012 talk on the next steps for SCORE.
27/2/2012: FCCM 2012 paper (co-authored with Helene Martorell) accepted.
27/2/2012: Coryan Wilson-Shah wins Thouron Fellowship for PhD at UPenn.
15/12/2011: I've won the Best Paper award at FPT 2011 for my VLIW-SCORE paper.
10/11/2011: Lecture slides for ISE2/Computer Architecture are now online here.
14/10/2011: A brand new landing page for SCORE now lives here.
14/10/2011: I've dusted off and re-rolled a simple note-taking tool [download].
27/9/2011: My first cohort of MSc/UROP students have wrapped up. (L->R, me, Helene Martorell, Coryan Wilson-Shah, Emmanouil Spanakis, Fang Zhou, Wei Lizhong)
27/9/2011: FPT 2011 paper and TRCAD/PARCAD journal article accepted
15/5/2011: Benchmarks from my thesis are available for public perusal at here.
14/12/2010: A journal article describing my NoC traffic compilation work has been accepted for publication. Find a pre-publication copy here.
07/12/2010: My thesis is finally online here.

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